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Best Bird Sites

852 registered users, large bird site registery and ranked by most visited

Description: The complete guide to dogs, with breed information, health tips, and international breeder and free classifieds section and more.

Macaws On Our Doorstop
True story of two abused and abandoned macaw parrots who
helped launch a pet health care information web site.

The Parrot Pages  A Home For Avian Information
Information for avian products, services, breeders, clubs, and organizations. 

Want to make your birds life better and your  life easier? 
Begin a relationship with your bird today. 

Bird Breeders 
Avian Network:  Complete Avian information site offering classified ads 
and links to breeders and suppliers for all popular species of pet birds.

Foster Parrots 
Massachusetts Parrot Rescue Adoption & Sanctuary. 

New England Exotic Bird Sanctuary 
A haven for birds who need one. 

American Federation of Aviculture 
A nonprofit national organization whose purpose is to represent all 
aspects of aviculture and to educate the public about keeping and 
breeding birds in captivity. 

The Complete Lexicon of Parrots
The best book for identifying parrots published to date. 

The Association of Avian Veterinarians
Find your local Avian Veterinarian. 

The Bird HotLine 
Your questions answered  by a resident Veterinarian.

Birds n Ways
Complete guide to pet parrots & exotic birds.

Avian Companions "The Largest Bird Link Directory In The World"
Breeder of Special Cockatoos with Species Descriptions, Videos, Sounds, Photographs, Training, Humor and Stories, Links and Home of the All Cockatoo

Rob Harvey Zoological Supplies
specialists foods and products for zoos, aviculturists and exotic pet keepers - UK

Soar the Web at
Love Parrots and all Pet Birds? We offer a personal "connection" to locate wonderful avian breeders, suppliers and avian information for all species of pet birds.

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