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Italian Leather and leather Directory

International Leather Industry Directory The aim of this directory is to offer a single directory of all web pages connected to the leather industry. A URL listing in this directory is free.

Leathernet World Wide. This site is designed specifically for the Leather Industry - World Wide. Topics will include news concerning the Leather Trade in general. Prices; Statistics; New Products etc. will be published as and when available. All sections of the Leather Trade are invited to contribute for possible publication.

Leather Resource Center "Finding Leather products is now even easier and more enjoyable! http://1st-in-leather.com is a Web site offering one-stop shopping and advice for anyone looking for Leather Products"

Footwear Industries of America A tax-exempt, nonprofit association, FIA provides businesses with the opportunity to share ideas from every aspect of the industry in a stimulating, unifying atmosphere. The association is a catalyst for communal, technological development.

Shoe Info Net Our purpose is to provide a maximum of objective information about Footwear, Components and related industries on a worldwide level.

American Leather Chemists Association Links relating to leather, tanning and allied fields.

International Internet Leathercrafter's Guild Leather and tools resources


Thomas Register Suppliers Finder Twin Leather Company listings available here.

U.S. Exports Database Page

Dirty Sole Society Home Page Just for you Abate Mondo!With all due respect to the shoe & leather industry we fully respect and enjoy the freedom and pleasures of being barefoot. This site provides a forum to share experiences, thoughts, feelings, and tips on bare feet and barefootin'. Some of us may have grown up in the shoe and leather industry but you'll find our shoes scattered around the house as we've naturally stepped right out of them and we'll be driving down those roads barefootin'.

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